there’s always been a temper there, lingering
           underneath her skin, but now she can snap in
           the blink of an eye. a hybrid’s fury is dangerous;
          she’s known that all along. and if she can’t take
          her anger out on klaus, the witch will have to do.
    “if you want me to kill her, fine.”
            it won’t make a difference - nothing did. sometimes
            she felt like nothing at all mattered, like she’d never
            feel anything again. her anger is almost comforting,
            in that way. at least it’s a reminder that she can still
            feel something.

            it’s not as though she had any pity for the witch. all the
            witches in this town wanted her daughter dead; killing
            them kept her safe. there was no way in hell she was
            letting another one of them get away

    “where is this witch, then? is she hiding or something?”
           her hybrid senses should tell her, but they’re not what
           they should be, and hayley thinks that might annoy him
           all the more. so she focuses, listening for the telltale beat
           of a living heart. no one else in this house had one, not
           since her daughter left. thoughts of hope pull her from her
           focus, eyes settling on the room that should have been hers.
           it holds promises of what could have been; thoughts that will
           break her heart if she lets them in.

           better to focus on what is here and now.
      “no witch is walking out of here alive,”
           she said to klaus, pulling herself away from the door.
      “is that enough for you?”

He had watched her struggle. It made him anxious.
Like he could feel the pain whip through her body,
feel the edge slice through her nerves and the tears
that would threaten to sting at the backs of her eyes.
It was a cruel embargo anyone with pride would suffer.
To bar such heightened emotions for the sake of vanity.
Of strength.

Slowly, as she pulled herself back to fitness, Klaus paused.
He took the time to collect himself, draw back into a leader.
To a warrior. The approach might have frightened him. She
was frighteningly powerful. Something that still managed to
surprise him. Klaus kept his head down, eyes closed for a
long moment.

Without thinking he allowed his hand to reach out for her,
grab the crook of her elbow gently. It was only then that
he broached the subject. That he forced his gaze up,
eyes softened considerably by the familiar haze of
unfallen tears.

I miss her, too.

The words they weren’t allowed to say to one another.
The sort that had him dropping his hand quickly,
braced against the door frame.

"I bring them here. I interrogate them.
Because it’s all I have, Hayley. The only present I can…”

Klaus sighed, loud and uncomfortably, as if the
air that parted from his lungs was too heavy to move.

"It’s the only way I can think to atone for the thousand
years of failure that led to this hell.”

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❛ oh i dunno.
    maybe just one seeing as how
    that man you have just so artfully
    carved up was supposed to be
    interrogated then killed! instead
    of having the information needed
    your enemies, we now have a
    painting of a — i don’t even know
    what that is. how do you expect
    me to help when i can’t even do
    my job?! ❜

" You serve but one purpose.
If you fail to prove useful then I suppose
you won’t be expected to do much of
anything. Instead I’ll use your entrails to
decorate the background. Perhaps you
should consider the deals you make with
a thousand year old hybrid more careful,
S  h  e  r  l  o  c  k. “

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"And that was t h e n,
 and this is n o w, and
 I’m not running, am I?”


" The only time you’ve run toward,
rather than a  w  a  y, is when you
needed something.

                       What is it this time?”

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I got a girl out there c r y i n g over you because she cares so much. I’m out here trying to figure out why because I can’t see what’s worth caring about.

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Title: Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades Of Grey Cover)
Artist: Sofia Karlberg
Played: 22113 times

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❛ let me guess,
     you’re painting with the
     blood of your enemies? ❜

"  It is a favorite past time of mine.
Have you any complaints?  “

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"Too powerful?  Little ole me?  Why Niklaus, you flatter me so."  A small smile crosses her features, and she watches him for a long moment.  "Mystery is only good, when another cares as much as you do, old man."

     “I do care quite a bit. It’s what happens when a young witch and her coven threaten my home, Cassie. When witches and werewolves occupy a rather niche position against my family.”

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"Me? Run? Now where
 would you get a c r a z y
 idea like that?”

"As though you’ve never
run from me before,
K  a  t  e  r  i  n  a  ?”

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