Would you rather I lie? When
       I am away from here, from you,
       I only miss it. I have to beg father
       to still bring me along so I can
       see you. Because not being near
       is more awful than anything. I wont
       lie about that, Nik. I will speak the
       truth ; which is how there is no
       life without you.

           “You cannot speak such things! I cannot…”

       [  He struggled on it, pursed his lips hard
           and felt his breath leave him in angry pants.
           Klaus, in typical fashion, had come undone
           at the thought of her life lost to the world. ]

     “It makes me ill to believe a world that
   exists without you might exist. Please
   do not tempt to steal what one treasure of I have.”

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                   I will not be COMMANDED.

                                 I will not be CONTROLLED

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I want you to stay…

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     I have 7 things in my drafts OUO. After this week I should be starting up new threads if humans are interested in plotting.

     Or just popping in to say hi. That’s usually the better way. I’m a horrible plotter.

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       Jeremy felt himself grimace a little, hating to keep things from Klaus, especially when it involved his family. But Rebekah had made him promise not to tell, and Jeremy knew how her brother’s could get with her. His fingers tightened in his boyfriends hair slightly, distracting him. “What was the message?” he asked again, sounding more hopeful than he wanted to. In his head he imagined other things, like bringing their new dog home, and sleeping in bed, doing the homework he kept putting off. “If you need a vacation just say the word,” he teased, shooting him a half grin. “We could go anywhere.”

        At first he only shrugged. It had been a haphazard message, something that Rebekah was known for, one too many giggles intermittent with a distant voice. It made listening to them difficult and often Klaus waited for his name to be called when she rang. “Asked for a lunch next week, said she had exciting news, which generally entails a new flavor of the week, month if they’re lucky,” he rolled his eyes and thought about the last one he’d met. Klaus tensed for just a moment before the word vacation pulled him back with a tawdry smile and another thigh squeeze. “Sure. As soon as you’re done with school. Lazy git,” he smiled, throwing the car in park in the shade. “Now can we go pick out a damn dog before I change my mind?”

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48 hour stomach flu is like the worst thing to exist.

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   Should she had been so bold as to speak. Immediately, the look in his eyes made her want to turn away and take back her words but what would be the point of saying them if only to change her mind right after. Caroline was well aware of where her mind lay and she wouldn’t take the words back even if he opted her the choice. She believed it best to speak and who was here to berate her other than him. Only Klaus would hear her speaking as bold as she had and that would cause her no harm until he decided she went to far. 

    His hand rose to her lips and she felt a sudden shock run through her. There should have been no reason for it and yet she didn’t fight it. Her mouth opened slightly as his finger traced her lips but she closed it again to swallow heavily. Had he not said only a few moments again that he wished to kiss her and now he was requesting that she not allow him the pleasure? She didn’t understand the point of being so open about one’s wants only to wish that they were turned away by the opposite person. Was in not usually that you wished for the person to return your desires?

   ”As you wish.” There were boundaries to push and his reaction seemed to pained she didn’t wish to push them anymore. A look of hurt echoed in her eyes as she read his reaction but disappeared quickly as she gathered the composure she was supposed to wear as a lady of the court and took a step back, away from him. “I will not push you any farther than you wish to be pushed. My boldness needs to learn it’s bounds.” 

   Her eyes lowered downwards and Caroline bowed her head towards him, her body bowing second as she lifted her dress only a bit and then stood tall once again. “I apologize my Lord.” Her tongue escaped the confines of her lips for only a second to water what felt like completely dry lips. Her eyes looked around them for just a few moments before she forced a small smile. “Maybe it best for us to return. I did not wish to upset you.” For some reason, her heart hurt at the rejection but she should have known better. It was his choice, she had already told him she wished it in her own way. A shaky breath left her lips and she swallowed once more. To return separately would cause talk, he would have to return her to the hall just as he had taken her from it.

      His sense of propriety had been shocked. He had dismayed a young girl from nothing more than wanting and it was his own intentions that had left her conflicted. Wounded. Klaus had always been a rancid archer and proof now lie in the blood that colored her cheeks and welled along lips that he ought to have never have tempted. There was a long moment where he tried to comprehend. Even still she protected his wishes, his feelings in this. It made him ache foolishly.

      “No, please…” the sound stuck in his throat and for what felt like the hundredth time since he’d dragged her from polite society, Klaus fell silent. There was hardly a pleasant word he could exchange. ‘Please forgive me, Mademoiselle, I lack sense and fail in execution’ hardly seemed like a plausible excuse for his behavior. Rather than hold it in, he attempted a half witted smile, almost laughing at his own stupidity. He had touched her, and she had watched, permitted him to express what any gentleman should be hanged for.

      “Please, I don’t,” he started and his tongue tied itself, attempted to rectify a situation he had already bolstered in the worst ways. “Caroline, I don’t possess the attributes for the word with which you’ve titled me,” it was a far cry from a jest and self deprecation was usually none too appealing to young ladies. Internally, he berated himself and blushed brightly to match. “A Lord is dignified and holds his ladies in such brightness, holds them to such standards no matter station or income,” he dug himself deeper into a hole he was desperately wishing would swallow him whole. “What I mean to say…” he tugged at his starched collar, desperately trying to suck down air that would not cool his heated lungs.

      His eyes finally flicked to hers, picked up on what he had muddled there. “What I mean to say is your beauty is unrivaled and that a proper gentleman ought not pull you from company lest he be tempted to imagine such lips pursed against his own and breathing life fresh into them. I mean to say a gentleman does not wish for the scant moment where he might gaze upon you without glares of disapproval. He does not wish such wickedness upon you and yet I am not so strong a man, Caroline,” his voice was defeated if not equal parts anguished. Klaus took one stride closer, left only an inch between them so he might look down, take in the sight of her lips, thumb brush against her cheek toward her ear. “I am not so strong a man,” he repeated, slow as if searching for some answer.

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miss katherine dork pierce

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Klaus + Season 2 Promos

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we survive this by pulling together, not apart. (insp.)

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