His lips twitched in amusement, thinking of Rebekah. “Oh, I don’t know. I think you’ll be pretty cute about it,” he admitted. But, dog first, then they could have those more serious talks. They didn’t need to rush things, especially since Jeremy hadn’t graduated yet and their place was no where near baby proof, let alone dog proof. It would certainty be an adventure. Jeremy frowned slightly, thinking back to the lunch he’d had with his pseudo-sister-in-law. “It was good; we talked about you. All good things, I promise,” he teased, playing with the ends of his hair absently. “Flustered how? What was the message?” his heart beat a little faster in unneeded anxiety, he hadn’t heard from her since. He was sure she was fine. “Is it about the ba— I mean the hospital’s been working her pretty hard.”

       Rolling his eyes at the word cute, Klaus let out a loud sigh. It was something he could not loathe of the other and yet could not bring himself to measure up to. Cute was not an adjective most associated with him. Except perhaps his siblings in question. When Jeremy almost pulled a frown Klaus felt his hand tighten over ribbons of thigh muscle for just a moment. As if comforting him for some undetermined reason. When the sentence stopped abruptly, however, he felt his eyes shift, cast from the road momentarily to watch a none too smooth recovery. “Yeah…” he trailed off, focusing on the road ahead, biting the questions that bubbled up. By the time they’d made it even half way there he tasted blood just inside his lip. “I suppose we are a family of workoholics, after all,” he smiled lightly, trying to wash the metallic tang out with a half truth and a glance.

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Down in the Quarter


She was learning far more about him than she had ever heard before, and it was coming straight from the source. She should be intrigued, asking questions, filling in the blanks, but she was still too scared for her own life to allow the scholar deep down within her to be set free. Men that would use her… of course. She was a deadly and dangerous combination of beauty, intelligence, and raw power. And all three led to her ultimate damnation.

A bit of hair went behind her ear, and she hated herself for shaking slightly where she stood - she had faced down the nogitsune! She had faced down an immortal spirit that wanted nothing more than to spread havoc and destruction and death. And she had done it bravely, even going so far as to trick a trickster. But here she stood, and perhaps for the first time in her life, she was having to face her own actual mortality. Because surely, he would not let her live.

"You want to teach me?" she repeated softly, not even sure she had heard him properly. Why would he want to… He even stepped away from her, giving her a bit of space, allowing Lydia to stop looking upwards and glance away for a moment, trying to process what was happening. "You want to teach me so that I’ll help you…"

Of course. Why else would he want to teach her? Still, there were worse people to, essentially, work for. Wait, work for? Or be the prisoner of. She didn’t like the sound of the second, but pressed her lips together instead of asking the question. She would find out soon enough.

Her head tilted to the side at the mention of the witch - what had Jane-Anne done that would no longer make her want to help Lydia? What had shifted here? None of this was what she had expected… but denying him, denying an Original, what he wanted, sounded far more dangerous than any other option set before her. Oh, he said that she could say no, but she doubted that she would like the results of that.

"You’ll teach me, so that I can learn control, and then have me help you. You should know that my powers, they can’t hurt anyone. I can’t alter who dies and who does not. I can only tell you what will happen. Not how to change it. And I won’t be a prisoner. I’ve had men control me, force me to do their will before, and I won’t let that happen again. Should I be your guest, however, then the answer is yes."

      At her answer Klaus smiled almost shyly, nodded but once and felt a weight fall from his shoulders that he hadn’t realized he had harbored there. It had been questionable at best, and the longer he had stood the heavier it had been. Her acceptance, even with caveats was a far better option than goading her into a chase. Klaus was much more tired than originally thought. His blood felt weak and suddenly he’d felt ravenous. Still he bit down on it, fought back the burning in his throat and ache in his gums.

      “You negotiate better than your years would assume,” Klaus spoke quietly. He had given her space, allowed her chance to run away and he almost regretted it. There was too much to analyze from this distance, too much to take in. The way her hair curled about her face pleasantly, red and problematic. Elijah might find fault in him for this. Curse his tendencies. Perhaps it for the best to put his beloved brother on edge. Allow him to consider this a pattern.

      “But I must advise you against making many demands,” he sounded almost tired, a man of too many misfortunes. Hands that had come to be his, lost to their own arrogance. It was not a singular problem he was proud of, attracting the proud and power hungry and downing them for their surging strength. There were none he permitted to match him and none that had come close to date. His eyes moved to hers, taking in the shade of it, not too unlike his own. Sometimes he wondered if there was even the faintest glimmer of humanity left in his or if he had squandered it on his hybrid state. Buried it never to be found again.

      Klaus took a further step backward, leaned against the brick wall of the opposing building and felt the harsh stone whisper secrets to his skin. There was a long moment of silence, a pleasure he enjoyed very few of it seemed. But he bathed in it, let the gravity of her choice wash over her, the openness of his posture some sort of offering. He had yet to kill her. Or injure her. By Elijah’s standards this would be hostile but it was perhaps the most peaceable acquisition he’d made lately.

     It wasn’t until he grew impatient forming plans for her accommodations that he spoke again. “I don’t suppose you’d settle for a room in lavender?” His head quirked to the side, left room for a hint of smile as he looked on her again, curious what more she was to demand of him before this was through. He imagined a great deal. Libraries, a cure to vampirism. Anything to please her and keep death at bay.

      “It would look wonderful against your skin, hit the morning shine against the East wall. Unless you would prefer something more appropriately morbid.” Klaus was uncommonly nervous. Until he got her out of common view she was vulnerable. Too many witches abusing permissive magic that he hardly trusted. “Perhaps you might accompany me to the compound so that you can more aptly decide?”

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herroyaldarkness said: -snekrs from the shadows about you being a 'king'-

"I am King."

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 Auntie Bex telling to baby Hope the story of her family.

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-- texting, niklaus
[ nm ]: it is your own fault for loving a goddess. she has obligations elsewhere.
[ nm ]: but you know that i shall strive to return as soon as councils are adjourned.
[ nm ]: ... twenty minutes.
[ gd ] : Shall I draw the goddess a bath?
[ gd ] : or pour her a glass of wine?

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The W O R L D
               has not seen my anger yet.

                                                   [ And when it does, ]

                                 It will S̶̷̸̲̲̿H̶̷̸̲̲̿A̶̷̸̲̲̿T̶̷̸̲̲̿T̶̷̸̲̲̿E̶̷̸̲̲̿R̶̷̸̲̲̿ under my f̲e̲e̲t̲.̲

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          “Pure mind?”

   [  She can’t help but laugh at that. He is more fool than
   he seems if he thinks there is anything at all about 
   her that can be called pure. He’s a fool, and for all his
   age still shockingly naive in the matters of ‘mortals’.
   Though perhaps he was used to all women wishing
    to have him in their beds, but she had hardly ever
    thought of him that way at all. Granted she made a
    habit of not thinking of anyone that way. It was rare
    any man met her standards enough for the sparking
     of fantasy. ]

                         ”You underestimate me, dear —- almost as
                           much as you overestimate your appeal.”



                [ Klaus allowed her that much, watched her shift
           and smile. He had seen it a few hundred times
           before, the look of certainty. A womanly intuition
           that knew too many of his wiles and too few of
           his passions. His own smile cooled some, body
           moving back into his chair to eye the hem of his
           jeans. There was sufficient fraying and he wondered
           how long before he would discard them, figuratively
           or otherwise. ]

           “Does it occur to you that perhaps in my
                  centuries of existence I have met many of
                  fine creature almost identical to you, Regina?
                  I may overestimate my appeal but you
                  underestimate my experience.
                  A most unfortunate tragedy, indeed.”

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-- texting, niklaus
[ nm ]: it is a rather long time, but necessary.
[ nm ]: -- perhaps i can sneak away for a few hours tonight?
[ gd ] : that would be the worst sort of teasing.
[ gd ] : to have you for but some hours only to have you taken from me.
[ gd ] : when shall I expect you?

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u like my abuse dont lie

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herroyaldarkness said: #we're romantic when we want to be <---- told u

stfu megara. klaus is romantic. baby mosquito is potato.

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